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Transponder Key

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After 1995, little devices were designed to unlock and start vehicles. These devices called transponder keys transmit a low radio signal from a handheld device to remote receivers. The idea behind these types of keys was a way to prevent a car from being hotwired and stolen. If a car did not detect the low signal from these keys or key in some cases, the car would not start. If there is a copied key that does not contain the proper signal, the car will not start or if someone broke into your car and tried to hot wire it, it will not start. Most cars today, especially many of the cars still on the road, use transponder keys. You can tell if you have a transponder key by its appearance. The plastic part of the key is much thicker and wider than the actual metal key itself. That is not always the case but it is usually a good sign.

keyless car key homestead locksmithMany keyless cars use similar or the same technology to keep cars safe. With these keyless cars, owners cannot even enter their car; much less drive it without the fob. While these new technologies has decreased car thefts and kept car property safe, if an owner should lose their car keys or damage their keys, it can be an absolute headache. That is where Homestead Locksmith comes in.

Homestead Auto Locksmith

For years, Homestead Locksmith has been helping Floridians get back into their cars. Our automotive services include car lockout, vehicle key making, ignition replacement and car key extraction. Our prices are completive but transponder key in miamiquality has not been sacrificed. Our auto locksmiths are speedy, local, reliable and friendly, ready to help you get out of your jam.

We also understand that emergencies happen and that you could be locked out of your car at the worst of times imaginable such as late in the evening, during rush hour or in the rain. Homestead Locksmith provides 24 hours, 7 days a week locksmith emergency services to come. This way you don’t have to worry, we will come and help you get back into your care.

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