Locksmith Tools: Pros over Amateurs

Being a locksmith is not for people who slack off. It is a difficult trade to master and not one that takes on many apprentices. If you are going to be a great locksmith, you need to understand how to use the great locksmith tools. That doesn’t mean you need to keep a set of lockpicks on you at all times (though it’s not a bad idea.) But, you will need to understand how they work fundamentally. All of the locksmith tools you need to know are because you need to know how locks work. To do that you need tools that accentuate the process.

Fundamental Locksmith ToolsLocksmith Tools

The Lock Pick – A tool for our profession for generations, the lock pick is the best way to know the ‘feel’ of a lock. The tools, which often are the pick with the torsion wren ch, are a valuable asset and certainly good to master if you want to go for that ‘rustic’ look. It is important to learn, even though it is grossly outdated by the lock gun, which can jam out all of the lock combinations in a matter of moments.

The Slim Jim – This skinny device is the original ‘door opener.’ The slim piece of metal would slide down the window and catch onto the latch that opens the door. You would pull up, and the door would open. This is a great device to know so you can understand what car latches feel like. However, it too is outdated by remote computerized assistance.Key Copy

The Key Maker – If the previous options let you understand the inner workings of the lock, this will help you know the key. The key making machine is the only machine that will probably never be outdated. Because of the unique part of the track, most locksmiths will be able to understand just how the key works by guiding the track along the grooves!

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