How does Key Copy Work?

Key duplication is the bread and butter of the locksmith industry. Most of our business comes in the form of people needing additional keys or keys remade. However, we realized that most people don’t know how the key copy machine works. We think this is a great opportunity to explain some of the mechanics behind what we do.


The Key Copy Machine

The machine itself is very simple; you have a motor in the back, a housing unit to protect the operator and the front or the ‘driving section.’ The machine itself is practically identical besides the motor. There is a bar that sets the key; there is a bar that sets the ‘spinning wheel’ and the ‘guide’, and then there’s the track that sets the whole system up.

So when we turn the key copy machine on, the motor initiates the spinning wheel. Following from ‘front-to-back’ or vice versa, we watch as the guide follows along the grooves. We watch the guide because it is a perfect representation of what the spinning wheel is going to the blank key. As we are pushing (or pulling) the track and watching the guide, the spinning wheel is shaving the grooves into the blank key.Key Copy

After we’ve fully pushed the track into place, we have effectively replicated the key. However, we are not finished. Simply trimming off metal doesn’t make a very accessible key. We need to polish the key and rough out the edges. By doing so, we ensure that the key doesn’t hurt the keyholder. If you want to add extra pizazz you can grab some metal polish or cleaning solution and scrub it so that it looks nice.

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