Deadbolt Locks for Coral Gables

deadbolt locks in coral gablesDeadbolt Locks for Coral Gables

Deadbolt locks, sometimes called a deadbolt or a dead lock is a mechanism used to keep doors locked and secured. A deadbolt is different from a spring lock or the lock from a doorknob because rotating the entire lock cylinder with the key opens it. A spring bolt lock uses a spring to keep in the locked position but that allows for retraction by placing force on the bolt. Therefore, a deadbolt lock is considered a good resistance to unwanted visitors that do not have the correct key. Deadbolts are often used to complement a spring-bolt like a doorknob on doors.


According to the FBI in 2014, 58.3% of burglaries involved forcible entry. That is more than half of the deadbolt lock in coral gables 1,729,806 burglaries reported in 2014. While we cannot guarantee 100% prevention of theft, good locksmiths such as Homestead Locksmith knows that a good deterrent of forced entry is the use of a deadbolt because it represent a higher level of protection for your homes. It is recommended to use deadbolts made of harden steel. It lengthens fully into the doorpost hole with the added reinforcement from the metal plate and the screws used to secure the plate.

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