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Homestead Locksmith was great. Very friendly and courteous, while being professional and FAST! On the day of my appointment they had gotten “stuck” on an earlier job which would make him late for our appointment. They were very mindful and reached out to me about an hour prior to our appointment to let me know he was running late and we then rescheduled for later that evening. I truly appreciated this as it allowed me to do other things than just sit around and wait all day for him. When they did arrive later that evening he again apologized for the delay and got straight to work. He drilled a new hole in our door and installed a new deadbolt for me in what I would consider a blink of an eye. He was in and out in just about 25 minutes. He even asked for a dust pan and broom to clean up after the job.

– Sam J.

Great service! The Homestead Locksmith Technician was really nice and installed my new deadbolt in no time flat. He also had to let me into my apartment when he arrived since I accidentally locked myself out while going to meet him at the entrance to my building (oops!). Will definitely use Homestead Locksmith in the future!

– Amanda P.

Homestead Locksmith was friendly, professional and super fast. He was on time and came prepared with 2 different types of locks for me to choose based on our needs and budget. He answered all my questions and finished installing a deadbolt lock in less than 15 minutes. He even asked for a dust pan and broom to clean up after the job. Excellent service.

– Tyler D.

Homestead Locksmith helped us in a courteous and skillful manner. They performed the job on time and was prepared. This was a welcomed change of pace. We are Extremely Satisfied with their performance and the quality of product that was installed. We Highly recommend Homestead Locksmith. Their service was great. Thank you Homestead Locksmith!

– Megan & Robert Z.